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  • Glaciar Perito Moreno - El Calafate
  • Hotel Terrazas del Calafate
  • Minitrekking - Caminata sobre el Glaciar Perito Moreno
  • Tempano - Desprendimiento del Glaciar Upsala
  • Vista del Lago Argentino desde el Hotel Terrazas de El Calafate

Five reasons to choose us:

Personalized Attention: the warmth of our staff will make you feel at home. Guests' comfort is our main goal.
Guests' comfort is our main goal.
Custom Services: we are entirely dedicated to satisfy all your needs. You do not adapt to the Hotel, we adapt to you.
Location: 300 m. above sea level, we are the first and only Hotel in Calafate to offer an awesome 180° panoramic view. Every room faces the Argentinian Lake.
Assessment: our staff is highly qualified to assess you in every matter, so that you can make an unforgettable experience of your trip.
First Class infrastructure: the perfect combination between design, architecture and style, will make your stay incredible.

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